a couple dates and a vid!

so – we got three dates to post as of right now!

the 20th of august we’ll play in Ronneby – a tad smaller town in the deep forests of Blekinge… gonna be a good one!

and on the 30th of september we’ve been given the great honor to play Nalen Club in Stockholm!

we’ll share the stage with MUDWALK – kickass garage band from stockholm – at Nalen!

and on the th of 14 october we are supporting GRAVEYARD here in Hellsingborg at the Tivoli! wich is gonna f-ing awesome!

if you got a venue or a livingroom you want us to play – feel free to give us a ring at 070 666 36 32

(the clip is from our show at the Tivoli, helsingborg, back in april or something…)

peace out and pass it to the left! / ODYSSEY


welcome stoners…

so, welcome to the ODYSSEY blog!

we’re gonna post lots of pics, videoclips, music, dates and other crucial information for you to be able to follow us properly…

here’s some pics from our show at SiESTA! it was a wild one…

stay high brothers and sisters! / ODYSSEY